jeudi 20 décembre 2012

The best of Bill Wallace

The best
The best of Bill Wallace
Bill Wallace (Auteur), Jon Thibault (Auteur), Raymond Horwitz (Sous la direction de)

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Description du produit

Drawing from his lifelong dedication to martial arts training and competition, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace offers instructional advice, anecdotes about his full-contact karate career, and often-controversial thoughts about industry trends in this collection of columns originally published in Black Belt magazine. From his skeptical criticism of chi power to his claim that a steady diet of greasy junk food lubricates one’s joints, Wallace’s humor, insight and charisma reveal why he is a sought-after commentator, writer and seminar presenter. The Best of Bill Wallace features more than 60 columns collected from the 1990-to-2005 period of Black Belt, presenting the experience and opinions of one of the martial arts world’s most recognized and respected personalities. Topics include training with Ed Parker, Joe Lewis and Elvis Presley, the Olympics, mixed martial arts, muay Thai, black-belt rankings, the film industry, highlights from Wallace’s personal and professional history, self-defense guidelines and much more! 158 pgs.

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